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Our Mission

At Burry Heights we pride ourselves in offering an unforgettable summer camping experience. We have been running summer camps for over 30 years and we have always aimed to provide the best experience to the youth of Newfoundland and Labrador. Burry Heights is owned and operated by the East District, Newfoundland and Labrador Conference, United Church of Canada.

Our History

Stella Burry dedicated her life to the work of the church. She was born in 1897 in Greenspond – a small community on Newfoundland’s northeast coast. As a child, Stella was greatly influenced by the missionaries that visited her hometown and after a few years of teaching, she decided to go to the Methodist National Training School in Toronto in order to be become a deaconess. She majored in social work and studied counseling and children’s needs. Eventually she answered the call for a “woman social worker” and moved back to Newfoundland where she is still remembered for her tireless dedication to women and children in need.

To many children, Stella’s biggest contribution may be the establishment of summer camps, beginning with a summer school camp in Western Bay called Jackson-Walsh Memorial Camp. Stella put great effort into such camps and later obtained a permit to establish a permanent campground at Shoe Cove, near St. John’s. This was the original Burry Heights. The camp remained here for 30 years until it was finally decided that a larger site was necessary to accommodate all of the children that wished to attend. It was decided that a location west of St. John’s would best serve the camp.

Present Day

The present site is located on Salmonier Line (Route 90) off the Trans Canada Highway. Built in 1981, it was officially opened in 1982 and many changes have occurred since this time. It has expanded from one building to include an adjacent building with additional units and outdoor recreational areas. Today, many children (and adults) return each year to have fun and simply enjoy the experience of being at Burry Heights

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