Burry Heights offers rentals for a variety of functions and retreats. Rentals are flexible with several options available to suit your needs. Please take some time to look through what our facility offers and learn more about the rental options available.

To book a rental: contact or phone 709-337-2056

The Burry Building

The main building at Burry Heights, the Burry building sleeps 83 people and seats 120 in the dining hall. This building also offers the following amenities:

  • Smoke free environment
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities
  • 10 showers
  • 5 bathrooms (2 male, 2 female, 1 wheelchair accessible)
  • Electric heating
  • Dining room (air-conditioned)
  • Modern kitchen
  • Large conference hall (Capacity 200, air-conditioned)
  • 2 smaller meeting rooms (Capacity 20 each)
  • 2 Private rooms
  • Fireplace with wood provided, as available
  • Fire alarms and extinguishers (Protection from Holyrood Fire Department)
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Daily meals and accommodations

The minimum to book the Burry Building is 20 people.

The Coughlan Building

The Coughlan Building mainly houses dormitories with a small kitchen and multipurpose room in the middle. There are 6 dormitories, each of which sleep 12 people. Other amenities include:

  • Smoke free environment
  • 13 Washrooms (2 in each room)
  • 6 Showers (1 in each room)
  • Kitchen and dining area (accommodations for 24 people)

The Grounds

Burry Heights offers spacious grounds to explore in a scenic country setting. Short walking trails are accessible near the main buildings and a 5 minute walk or short drive will lead you down to our waterfront and pond access. Other amenities on the grounds include:

  • 50 hectares of country to explore
  • Parking for 100 vehicles
  • A swimming area
  • Picnic tables
  • Sports field
  • Basketball nets
  • Outdoor chapel/meeting area
  • Snow clearing after each snowfall
  • Wheelchair accessible beach and dock on Southwest Pond

Other Services Provided

  • Summer camping program (July – August, 8 Weeks of Camp)
  • Meals based on Canada’s Food Guide
  • Beverage service available 24 hours a day
  • Vegetarian meals and special meals (by request)
  • Catering services to conferences, workshops and special events
  • Telephone Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Regular Janitorial Services
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